01. introduction-the top of my desk.
I'm Kristin. I have no idea how to perfectly describe myself, so maybe the best way to give anyone a clue is through my desk. I have so much stuff on here, it must sort of give some idea of who I am. Let's see-about $5 in change, clarinet books, an article about my school's football team from the post, an english dictionary, an english/french dictionary, a diet dr. pepper can with faux flowers in it, postcards and letters, baby pictures, a stereo remote, pearl jam lyrics, a photo of my 4th grade basketball team (Vipers, 1996. I have no idea if we were any good),crayons, blank CD-Rs, saves the day liner notes, travel yahtzee, a camera (cannon sure shot classic 120), a pair of glasses that Iwore once, a spirit box from ninth grade, a half full water bottle.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

a rebel without a cause... I cut class today! It was so awesomely cool because a) I never cut class, b) I had a car so I could go somewhere. I took an AP exam and they made us go back to class but not the seniors which is a bunch of crap, so cara megan and I went to 5th period and lunch and then WE LEFT. It was awesome. We met megan outside of her trailer and rand across the back parking lot onto the street and then walked onto the road where my car was parked. We went on the path and walked in the woods so that scary school officials wouldn't see us (backpacks and everything) walking along the road. Anyway, we finally reached my car and I accellerated off to the mall. Yeah it was really awesome. Cara and I applied for jobs at Forever 21, Pacific Sunwear, the Gap, and American Eagle. I hope I get a job at Forever 21 cause yeah, its a way cool store.
anyway, lets pray that I don't get caught for skipping. This is the second time I've skipped but the other time was last year when we had a crazy messed up SOL schedule. SO this was the most fun I've had in a while, and I can not wait for summer. I need a break, oh man!
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Saturday, May 11, 2002

today cara and I went to burke lake and rowed boats in the lake. well, OK cara rowed and I sat there because apparently I am incompetent. we drifted around for about an hour and a half and just talked because yeah we're good at that. oooh, I got a real nice tan on my arms and legs and a little burn on my sholders (but it will be fine cause it will fade to a beutiful tan). haha, I will surely win the tanning race in PE. (my friend Sarah and I have a competition over whos the tannest. except its unfair cause mines au naturel wheras she totally fakes it with the cream stuff). anyway, then we went on the train and ate ice cream. It was really fun, I heart burke lake.
I was going to see spiderman but I got home too late and I was too tired anyways. my mom, sister, and me ate dinner at Chick-Fil-A. I love their food but god almighty, the service is horrible. The workers are even more incompetent that me and have no idea what they're doing. but it was really good even though I suffered from a bit of a stomach ache afterwards....oh well, it was SO worth it. Now I'm sitting here, bored off my ass, waiting for SNL to come on....T-1 hour. maybe I should have gone to spiderman. ehhh.
well I better go before I bore myself to death. yrghhh.
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